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Recent Events

HKICC cum HKCS Gala Dinner

HKICC Opening Ceremony

The Best Smart Glass App Competition Award Presentation Ceremony cum The Hour of Code

HKICTA 2017:
Best Business Solution Award

We welcome entries from the following business areas including Financial Services, Logistics, Trading Services, Tourism services, Retail, Learning, Information Security, Open Source Solution, Industrial Support, etc.


Hong Kong Team has achieved great results with 3 Grand Awards and 7 Merits. Press event will be held at 11am on 12 December 2016. To download the list of Hong Kong winners, please click the button below.

What Our Fantastic Members Say

“Being a member of Hong Kong Computer Society and committee of Youth Club can meet with energetic youngsters, as well as peers in the special interested group (SIG), domain experts, even industry leaders and entrepreneurs of ICT industry in various activities like networking, career expo, cyber security seminar, etc., where we can share, learn and exchange ideas, experience and best practices with each other, this is tremendously valuable and useful. ”

“This is the first time and it is a great pleasure for me to attend the HKCS event “2016香港資訊科技專業人士創新專題研討班"

 The workshop was very knowledgeable and informative. This workshop provided insight and skills I can apply immediately.

 The class would be an awesome team building activity, or just a great opportunity to grow and I learned a lot of essential and very practical key information and skills from teammate.

 I felt it was very beneficial to me and well worth my time. 

Thanks again for organizing such a great event and I am look forward to attending next event.”

“The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club of the HKCS aims to provide a platform to promote entrepreneurship and innovation within HKCS and in Hong Kong.  We organize a Speaker Series where distinguished guests make presentations or participate in panel discussions on hot topics relevant to innovation and entrepreneurship. We also have plans for a mentorship program to mentor start-ups and small businesses.  These events give members opportunities to network, socialize, and learn in a fun and informal environment.”